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P.O. Box 2173
Allen, TX 75013


Team Category: Trusted Business Advisor

Kerry Moss Jr.

“Husband, Father, Master problem solver, Teacher, Mentor, Business manager, USAF Veteran, Entrepreneur, MBA Graduate, Master Planner/Organizer, Public Relations specialist, Designer, Analyst, Loophole legend and a good guy.  These are just a few of the names and associations people make with Kerry, however if you get the chance to ask him who he is he will simply tell you, “I’m just a guy with a bit of grace and a lot of determination”.

Kerry has been working with families since he was a young teen, since both of his parents were very involved in the public school system, and their Church. Due to this, Kerry developed the heart of a servant early on, which he believes added tremendously to his ability to help others. Kerry appreciates spontaneity despite being a process guy and is always willing to help or listen.”